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More Fun With Morphemes.
Medical terminology has its roots in scientific terminology, and the rules for word formation across science as a whole should sound very familiar to you. But more importantly, I have a message for you, a very short life lesson for you.  Please Go to The Listening Post to Learn More.

Learn Medical Terms

All medical providers from technicians to doctors must learn medical terms early in their careers.  Are you thinking about a medical career?  Start by learning medical terminology.  It's a great introduction to the world of medicine, and you can begin that study right here.

What's New?

I have completed my first terminology module, "The Lymphatic and Immune Systems." The slideshows completed include the anatomy of the lymphatic and immune systems, exercises to go along with that, slide shows on diseases of the lymphatic and Immune systems, and exercises for these diseases. Find it under the Medical Terminology 101 tab.

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