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Tool Kit
Text Expansion

Transcriptionists might find this article I wrote on text expansion interesting.  I wrote it for an audience of administrative assistants outside the medical transcription world, but it has things to say that are useful for both groups.  In fact, any busy keyboarder will benefit from reading this.

Sound-Alikes That Trip-Up Transcription


Do you get confused between ensure, and insure?  How about affect and effect?  Help is here in a new PowerPoint presentation, great not only for  medical transcrip-tionists but for all authors, especially those using speech recognition to produce documents.

Ms. Hallmark's Lab Values 


This is a concise sheet of the most important lab values every medical person should know off the top of the head.  Take the time to memorize this and 9/10 you will not have to look up normal values to verify.  It's worth the trouble.  Ms. Robbie Hallmark taught laboratory technology at Houston Community College for over 20 years.

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