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Are You Ready to Learn Medical Terminology?


Medical terminology can be your first step into the world of medicine.  Whether you plan on providing healthcare as a technician, a certified medical assistant, or want to go on to be an MD, learning the language is a great way to start.  Is healthcare for you?  Will you like it?  Again, learning the medical terms can be a great first step in this exploration. 


There are a lot of great courses out there on medical terminology, both online and on campus.  But both these avenues cost money.  That's why I have decided to provide medical terminology through my site to you at no cost.  Why?  It's my way of giving back to my community.   In Medical Terms is my first installment for this learning site.

In Medical Terms


An introduction to Medical Terminology.  This video contains exercises, so download the handout below and use pause as needed.

"Language of Medicine" the Best  Medical Terminology Book on the Market.

The Language of Medicine, by Davi-Ellen Chabner has been a standard in medical terminology courses for years, and every year a new, updated edition is published. 


This book is a solid introduction into medicine, covering all terminology associated with disease, basic physiology and anatomy, pharmacology, and is chock-full of articles and side bars on the latest in medicine.  It's very readable, and fully packed with exercises in a workbook format.  The layout is great and it is colorful.  It is also full of photos, some of them a bit graphic, but for me that just adds to the fascination.


Like so many things in academic life, it is not cheap.  But, here's a tip -- buy earlier editions or used copies available on Amazon,  They will do just as well and come at a significantly reduced price.   

For the record, this recommendation is made because I think it is that good.  I have not been paid or given any consideration for this endorsement.  

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