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My Big Fat Blog

Articles and videos below were all created between 2015 and mid 2022, approximately.

Christina Lost 50 Pounds and Kept It Off

In an interview with me, she notes it takes a healthy self-perception, continuous long-haul diligence, a healthy dose of regular exercise and, most importantly, you must love and forgive yourself. Learn about her journey by clicking on video.

What's Killing Us?

The 10 leading causes of death in the US according to the CDC.  See how COVID deaths compare and what my take on this is. 

Don't Let Potassium Drive You Bananas

Potassium is a mineral that helps your muscles contract, helps your nerves work, and keeps your heartbeat and blood pressure steady. Your body needs potassium. But,

Add Exercise to the Mix 

So, we have talked about reducing calories, but we must add exercise to the mix as well. It is as important to good health and fitness as nutrition, and will help us realize our weight goals so much faster than calorie reduction alone.

An Interview with Ricki McKenna, Certified Nutritionist

I am beginning to experiment with video blogging. Here is my first effort: a very informative interview with chef, foodie, and certified nutritionist Ricki McKenna. Click on video to watch.

Winners at Weight Loss

I have recently met 3 women I am calling winners at weight loss. I have gleaned some useful tips from them which I thought you might like to know.

The Surprising Reason Restaurant Portions are so Big

Have you noticed the huge sizes of restaurant portions? It is not your imagination. Want proof?

Happy New Year !

I have tried counting calories before, and I have exercised off and on. Yet, I gained steadily all the adult years of my life. I only gained a pound here and there, but it has added up.

How Much Do I Eat?

A primer on Calorie Counting. How to know what you are taking in right now, and how much you may need to cut.

Zooming in on Benefits of Low Carbs

For the last 40 years, we have been warned to cut excessive fat from our diet to protect our heart health and decrease weight. But, what has blown-up in our faces since then has been diabetes and obesity from too many carbohydrates and sugars, which is just as unhealthy as eating too much fat. In this video interview, certified nutritionist Ricki McKenna tells us about the benefits of fewer carbs.  

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